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Fuel Maker FMQ 2-36 Compressor -- $3500

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  • Fuel Maker FMQ 2-36 Compressor -- $3500

    This CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Compressor is the Fuel Maker FMQ 2-36 model that puts out 3600 psi and charges your tank at 1 gallon per hour (gasoline gallon equivalent).

    This is a way better/more reliable system than the Phill (or Phil) system which refills at twice the rate for your CNG tanks or vehicles. Refill your vehicles more quickly during the night when electricity is the cheapest. Also, this price is less than half the price of a new FMQ 2-36 or comparable compressors!!

    Includes 2 hoses so that you can fill up two vehicles simultaneously) Also includes most of the hookup lines and power box (but not the "fuel maker remote control box") so that you can hook this up quickly to your home/business natural gas supply and 220 Volt power.

    This FMQ 2-36 was purchased from CNG Motors in Arizona and has a good history of being properly serviced. The top cover of the unit shows some age on the plastic, but this unit is in good condition and has been taken care of with most of my use where it was used in an outdoor shelter with good ventilation. This unit has an "ESTIMATE" of about 2000 hours of use on the compressor heads (which have an approx life of 4000 hours). If this compressor reaches it's hourly use limits, there is a simple fix that will allow the unit to work for many more thousands of hours for about $240, see this ebay link

    This FMQ 2-36 is working perfectly and refilling my 2 CNG vehicles with no problems, however this is a used compressor and there is no guarantee of fill rates or compressor head quality/future life expectancy.

    Payment to be negotiated over the phone, but most likely will involve an initial down payment money order check of $300 as good faith before I initiate shipment--you will get a signed contract from me stating that I will deliver the compressor after receiving the check. The balance will be due on delivery in cash or you will lose the deposit. This is a good deal from a serious seller that will deliver the goods as described.

    Free Delivery to California/Oregon/Washington/Idaho/Utah/Arizona & Vancouver, B.C. Other areas of the country: delivery prices and payment arrangements to be discussed. Reply by email, or call/text Phil at four two 5- 429- zero six 94. Please be patient in getting a response from me since I am frequently out of the country for extended periods of time. I will get back with you as quickly as I can, especially considering that I anticipate that several other folks from other parts of the country will respond to this ad.

    Also for sale separately is a 5 gallon CNG tank for $350 (expires 8/2017, but has been unfilled and used very little over the last 5 years--includes free delivery if delivered together with this FMQ 2-36 sale), as well as a complete CNG Technocarb kit system for installation in your car/truck for $750 (includes all CNG high/low pressure lines & includes free delivery if delivered together with this FMQ 2-36 sale). Also for sale is a CNG Fuel Maker "remote control panel" for $350 that allows you to control the FMQ 2-36 from another location (i.e., just inside a storage shed, or another location separate from the FMQ 2-36) -- free shipping for the remote control panel.

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    Well, after a week of sitting out here on the marketplace, I thought we'd see more views/interest in the FMQ 2-36. Got a few replies off of craigslist (especially from Salt Lake City & San Fran, CA), but under 50 views on this marketplace. Guess the price of gas has not spiked enough lately to generate CNG interest. Perhaps tax credits have died down in many areas. I hope that this clean fuel renaissance doesn't die off due to lack of interest--or I may just have to save this compressor for the zombie apocalypse on my ranch that has a natural gas well. Now if I could only get my solar panels and windmills to charge my Tesla home power battery to perk up to 220 V and run this FMQ for about 6 hours)

    Maybe some of the viewers have some idea of what's going on in the CNG marketplace. Has the demand for home fueling dropped so much (or have the local station prices dropped so much) that home refueling is not worth the investment?? What is the sales volume of the new compressors by FuelMaker or other manufacturers? They seem to want a pretty penny for their machines...Are people willing to pay that much? Or is just the possibility of having to replace compressor heads too much to bear for CNG users? If any of y'all have any thoughts on the matter, please sing out for everybody's sake. Everybody just happy with their Phill or local filling station? Or does everybody already have their own FMQ 2-36?

    Will have to post this on ebay pretty soon--too bad both the buyer and this seller will have to give ebay their eventual cut. Good luck to all...



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      Originally posted by JJ123456 View Post
      Well, after a week of sitting out here on the marketplace, snip.............................................. .................................................. .................................................. ..........
      Maybe some of the viewers have some idea of what's going on in the CNG marketplace. Has the demand for home fueling dropped so much .............
      The demand for anything to do with light duty cng vehicles ( cars, pickups) has evaporated. Cheap crude oil,cheap gasoline and diesel , for at least the next 10 years. E-bay is your best bet, but prices will be kind of soft.


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        I agree with Lakewood the cheep oil is killing the small user. also fuelmakers bad name is hurting them as the coltri is coming on strong and it has oil in it.


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          I don't think many people have much money left and are hunkered down till the economic climate changes.

          Business is without the tax incentive(s). Some get it, others still need to see the results. Some are influenced by other alternative fuel possibilities.

          The Senate only needs a floor vote (final vote) for the Alternate Fuels Infrastructure tax credit to pass. They talk like it has to be done yesterday but sit on their thumbs.
          The great mileage people are getting with the VW caused a lot of attention and sales in that diesel market. OOPS that was fraud.
          The cease of production of the Honda Civic in the US seems to have a definite impact. EPA regulations too massive and expensive?

          BRC Fuel Maker had a tough run getting the production moved to Italy and have overcome their issues with steady attention to quality assurance.

          Coltri? Without the certification as an appliance. (BRC FM is the only certified appliance) Home fueling with a Coltri is a legendary code compliance nightmare and just from reading along with the posts in the Coltri category, who would want all that iffy maintenance/service issues. (Yes cowboy, throw rocks at a brand that you admit having never owned. Expect rocks in return.)

          If one does not care about code compliance and safety and are willing to spend weekends tinkering with the compressor then the Coltri may be right up your alley.

          The price of oil is rising some these days. The Saudis aren't happy with the price of oil. No doubt the Russian bombing of ISIS will have its impact on mid east oil wells. When the supply gets disrupted the price will rise.

          Me? The F150 bi-fuel is running good. Saving $1.75 a gallon filling in my driveway. That is not as good as prior years but it all adds to the bottom line. About 1500 gallons a year of home fueling. Last year averaged $2.38 per gallon saved. (every gallon) Helping to clean up the environment. Not sending any money to OPEC and hoping our military can exit that area. (fifth fleet) I do not want to see my grandkids in the mid east. Especially for the benefit of OPEC.


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            FMQ 2-36 Sold on 28 October, 2015 to another CNG user. Had a few folks come out and look at the FMQ 2-36 and there were even a few who had not even purchased a CNG vehicle yet!! Oh my, that is truly planning ahead) Glad to see that there was some decent interest in the compressor, even with the price of gasoline being near decade lows. One lady had the notion to power her home emergency back up generator with CNG--very good!!

            Thanks a bunch to the CNGchat community here for all their good comments and information. It truly is a work in progress getting this country to transform its energy consumption to something cheaper and more rational.

            Sadly, I must now sell the best vehicle I've ever owned: 2002 4x4 GMC Yukon XL Bi-Fuel CNG/Gasoline with 6 gallon CNG tank (the tanks are underneath the truck where the spare tire used to be). Also for sale is a TechnoCarb CNG conversion kit for Ford F-150/250/350 or similar models. Please look for them on the MarketPlace or PM to me for more details. The Yukon XL is a clean & luxurious rig with approx 164,000 miles.

            Hopefully, we can get into some type of VW diesel engine sometime soon for a "song." The EPA will be trashing them for some time to come, so hopefully the resale value of their diesels will get down pretty low so that we can begin working with CNG on the diesel engines here in my garage in Seattle.

            Good luck to all...



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              I am in the process of converting my ute to run on cng. I am using 4 tanks, 133.5 litres water capacity combined. I am having trouble finding information on converting the litres capacity into mega joules as that is the unit of measure we use for town gas where I live. If I had a way of converting would make it allot easier to calculate the cost to fill and subsequent savings.

              Any information appreciated.