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For Sale: 96 Ford Crown Vic, 450 mi Range w/ 3600 PSI, 2022 Expire tanks in Utah

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  • For Sale: 96 Ford Crown Vic, 450 mi Range w/ 3600 PSI, 2022 Expire tanks in Utah


    (SOLD -- 07/11/2014)


    I’ve decided to see if anyone in the forum community is interested in my 2nd-owner, 1996 Ford Crown Victoria (factory-built) dedicated CNG.
    My green priorities are moving into PV Solar and I could use some cash this summer. Here's the scoop for anyone who might be interested:

    My Vic is a 1st-Gen "Aero" Vic with the cool 6-window roofline and full-width tail lights. It has been my daily driver for the past seven years, and I’ve put 44,000 trouble-free miles on her. She currently has a Utah Solo HOV sticker, but I’ve already taken the Utah Tax Credit when I brought the car in from a southern state, where she clocked 66,000 miles in her first 11 years, as an "unmarked" supervisor’s car with Houston Metro Transit Authority. Fortunately they didn't poke and plug her full of holes for radio antennas and light bars (like a lot of P71 Interceptors).
    Just 5,500 miles a year over 18 years. June 2014 mileage is right at 100,000. Original factory options include Cruise Control, Autolamp, full wheel covers, original matching carpet floor mates, front and rear, all usual options for a P71 in 1996.

    As a enthusiast of dedicated-fuel CNG’s I’ve made several SIGNIFICANT technical improvements to the vehicle. I had the Burlingame Brothers (aka CNGHAL on this forum) upgrade the fuel system in 2012, to include a total of six, 3600 PSI OEM tanks. This extended the highway range to 440 miles and the urban range to about half that. The expiration date codes on the extended-range tanks are year, 2018. I’ve never tried hyper-mile-ing but with a light foot and a good fill-up you might just see 500 miles on a tank, YMMV! Not many dedicated CNG-fueled cars can make that long-distance range claim! Having that much range really makes "refueling anxiety" a thing of the past. Giving up a little trunk space is well worth it -- Non-stop, Salt Lake-to-LasVegas for $30 in cool, smooth-cruising comfort.

    [COLOR=#000000]I can provide the VIN as well as detailed service records, original owners manual and delivery ticket, & a clean Carfax, if needed. I’ve had the scheduled routine maintenance work done on Belts, Hoses, Radiator, Filters, Replacement Windshield, Wipers, Battery (Sears Die Hard), Bilstein Shocks, Brakes, and steering alignment. In addition, all Ford factory recalls have been performed. Last year (2013) the Heater Core, A/C compressor and Evaporator were new, as well as Front Disc Brake Pads and Tie Rods & alignment.

    [B]This is a great driving, safe, comfortable car (the A/C really chills, even at
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