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2004 Bi-fuel Cavalier for Sale $2000

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  • 2004 Bi-fuel Cavalier for Sale $2000

    I have a 2004 bi-fuel Chevy Cavalier with OEM CNG sysgtem in perfect running condition for sale. It is white, has ~108K miles, runs perfectly on CNG, and has amazingly little rust. It gets ~27MPG running on CNG and ~30MPG on gasoline (detailed spreadsheet and maintenance records available). I have added OEM cruise control and driving lights to it. It currently has 16" aluminum rims mounted, AND comes with 15" steel rims with good summer tires, AND 4 snow tires mounted on steel rims.

    I have run Mobil One synthetic 5W-30 since I bought it with 82K and changed the oil and filter about every 7K miles. Also installed new front brakes (pads & rotors), both front wheel bearings (at 102K), a new passenger CV shaft, a new Ignition Control Module (at 92K), and both front sway bar link bolts are new. I put in a new high-pressure filter at 83K when I got the tank re-certified (April 2011). I'll double-check, but I believe the tank expiration date is 2018.

    This vehicle was previously a fleet vehicle for a large utility company in New York City and has been used in Vermont since December 2010, so buyers in states with state tax credits should be able to claim them for this vehicle.

    Asking $7000 OBO. Pictures and detailed fueling & maintenance log available on request. Depending on your location, I might be willing to deliver it (for the cost of expenses).

    You can email me at or call/text me at 802 318-1421 (spotty cell coverage at my office though).

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    Re: 2004 Bi-fuel Cavalier for Sale $4500

    Price reduced to $4500.
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      Re: 2004 Bi-fuel Cavalier for Sale $4500

      That is a great price for a buyer with a state tax credit


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        Re: 2004 Bi-fuel Cavalier for Sale $4500

        Reduced to $2000. Vehicle now has 111K miles on it. Last 2500 miles nearly all gasoline (most previous miles were CNG). Throws P401 code (catalytic converter below efficiency threshold) when running on gasoline. Right front strut shows an oil leak. Steering rack shows a leak as well; sway bar link bushings are torn (where sway bar mounts to the frame). One of the set of 15" tires (included with 16" aluminums currently mounted) is unusable; the remaining three have good tread. On the whole, probably needs ~$300 in parts (using Rockauto pricing).

        Not committed to selling this car since the CNG system & engine are fine, and it has so little rust, but getting a little annoyed with the amount of elbow grease required to keep it passing inspection.


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          Reduced to $1000. Buyer drives it away. Now has a new passenger side CV shaft and output shaft seal. Has been running primarily on gasoline since last year (it's cheaper in my area).


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            Its a shame, but at this point, just part it out. Get the CNG components out, sell the engine and trans, scrap the body and you will leave with more than $1000 for just a little time and trouble. If it was mine, I would just park it (if you have the space) and wait for fuel prices to rise again (and they will), do the repairs and drive. I've lived long enough to have gone through several peaks and valleys in fuel prices.


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              hi ! do you still have the car ?? and if so where do you live ??? thanks chuck


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                Seen this add maybe a bit late, But do you still have the Cavalier???? if so where are you located? Thanks Harry


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                  You might want to send a private message to the opening poster. Click on his name and follow the menus...


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                    Price reduced to $500. Vehicle now has 124, 809 miles on it (all gasoline since last post). Located in northern VT. Vehicle has two studded snow tires on the front, and two non-studded snows on the back. Comes with 16" aluminum rims with summer tires mounted (no tread left on them though). Rust has gotten worse since original posting.

                    Text me at Eight Zero Two Three One Eight One Four Two One or if you're interested. Sorry I missed the posts last year from those who were interested.
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                      Does anyone need some CNG parts from this? It's headed to the junkyard