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2009 Honda Civic GX For Sale

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  • 2009 Honda Civic GX For Sale

    We were tired of paying such a large amount of our income at the pump for my husbands daily commute to Tulsa (94 miles round trip per day). We purchased this car 12/02/2012 with approx. 35,000 miles. Since the day we purchased the car we have spent $734.77 for CNG gas for him to commute about 25,000 miles. You do the math, it's fantastic savings! In December, he took a new job that included a company car. Due to the smaller interior it doesn't make the best "family car", so we don't have the necessity of the CNG vehicle anymore. This car is nice, clean, comfortable, and most importantly cost efficient. We can't say enough good things about Honda and the Natural Gas Vehicle. It's definitely the best of both worlds. Contact us with any questions, we'd be happy to answer them. Asking less than payoff at $16,500. Tulsa Area 918-752-4435


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    Re: 2009 Honda Civic GX For Sale

    Private party value for 2009 Civic GX with about 60KM in very good condition according to should be $12500, Is that the amount you asking?
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      Re: 2009 Honda Civic GX For Sale

      Has the car ever been registered in Utah? If not , A state tax credit may be available to a Utah buyer, as an added incentive. Is 35k the current mileage ?


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        Re: 2009 Honda Civic GX For Sale

        In December 2012, we purchased this car for $19,200 and it had 35,000 miles. It was driven daily as a commuter car and it now has 60,000 miles and is in perfect condition. It was perfect for what I needed to commute to work, but now I have a company vehicle and don't need the CNG car to save on fuel. We have an almost 6' tall teenager, a growing 8 year old, and ourselves, this car doesn't fit our entire family very well. We still owe $17,000 on the loan, but are willing to take a small hit to get away from the payment. The car may book for $12,500, but in Oklahoma, the market is very good and they are valued higher. There is an almost identical car, 2010 model, with 40,000 miles, and they are selling it for $19,000 in the Tulsa area. We really can't go much lower as we are already asking less than payoff. The car has only been registered in Oklahoma and the ONG and Oklahoma State Tax credits have been claimed.
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