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Clean 1998 Honda Civic GX for Sale---Tank Expires May 2013---Best Offer

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  • Clean 1998 Honda Civic GX for Sale---Tank Expires May 2013---Best Offer

    We have decided to sell our 1998 Honda Civic GX. We have owned this since Dec. 1998, the first private owners in Northern California. We put only 5K miles on most years until we were able to purchase a used Fuelmaker Phill compressor. After that, the Civic became our primary car, jumping to 10-11K miles for the past 3.5 years. We now have 119,500 miles on the car, which has been serviced 100% of the time at Mel Rapton Honda in Sacramento.

    Mel Rapton was the first CNG certified Honda dealer in the Central Valley, and has always treated us well. We have every refueling logged, plus every repair sheet in our files. All four injectors have been replaced. One was necessary in the 80K mile range and then a second went just after 100K miles, so we decided to have the three remaining replaced just to be safe.

    Our GX is very clean for a 14 year old car. The seats are in very good condition. There are a few stains on the carpet, but that happens over the years. The back side and rear windows are tinted. The rear has some damage to part of the tinting when large items were carried in the passenger compartment and scratched a few areas, but the damage is minor. AC has worked without fail the entire life of the car and still performs extremely well.

    Radio was replaced twice, with the most recent an excellent Sony single CD player with an AUX input for iPod or other music player (CD plays mp3 discs, too). A Scangauge is installed to show instantaneous mpg, average mpg per refueling, rpms, and much more (gauge can be moved to alternate locations).

    Michelin X tires have a good 30K more miles of tread remaining.

    Has current white HOV access sticker for CA.

    Our Fuelmaker Phill is a 2007 110 volt model with 3,000 hours on the compressor (6,000 hour life). It currently has an error light, but we are unwilling to spend $500 to have it diagnosed since we had already planned to sell the car. Even with repair costs of $1K or so, the compressor is definitely a valuable asset to any CNG car. We loved connecting at night and finding a totally refueled car in the morning. So much nicer than the 17 mile round trip the the nearest refueling station to our home. Phill also gave us an additional 40-50 miles range. Fast fills heated the cylinder causing a loss of capacity, sometimes as much as 25% if we were nearly empty, so a slow fill is wonderful if you have the time.

    I have 28 photos to send if you are interested in buying the car and wish to see the actual vehicle. Thank you for any replies or questions.


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    Re: Clean 1998 Honda Civic GX for Sale---Tank Expires May 2013---Best Offer

    Here are low res pics of our 1998 Civic GX, including the cylinder replacement sticker, NGV2 refueling port, odometer, and Michelin X tires with leaves stuck all over it. As you can tell, the car is in very good condition for 14 years of age.


    Anti-theft alarm.JPGbattery.JPGCenter console.JPGCluster & ScanGauge.JPGCNG cylinder expiration & Pressure.JPGDriver Seat & Dash.JPGDrivers Side Rear.JPGDrivers Side.JPGLicense Plate Rear.JPGMichelin Tread.JPG


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      Re: Clean 1998 Honda Civic GX for Sale---Tank Expires May 2013---Best Offer

      And the rest of the pics are here:
      NGV2 fueling connector.JPGPassengerFront.JPGPassengerRear.JPGPassengerSide.JPGRear Seats.JPGUnder hood:bonnet.JPG


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        Re: Clean 1998 Honda Civic GX for Sale---Tank Expires May 2013---Best Offer

        Since the tank only has 5 months remaining, what is your estimate for replacement cost?


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          Re: SOLD---Clean 1998 Honda Civic GX for Sale---Tank Expires May 2013

          Our 1998 Civic GX has been sold. I did discover a used GX cylinder in the San Jose area, for anyone who needs to replace their soon to expire cylinder. Check with USCPharmD's posts for info.