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Looking for 2000 Civic GX fuel injector (LA/OC area)

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  • Looking for 2000 Civic GX fuel injector (LA/OC area)

    Hi guys. Anyone have injectors for sale in the LA/OC area or can recommend a place. Or should I just pick it up off of Ebay? Took it out, hooked it up to my battery and cleaned it. It pulsed the first time and I was able to run brake parts cleaner through it. Then did the reverse clean and it stopped pulsing. I swapped out the injector from #2 to #1 and confirmed it is bad. Checked it before I did anything by unplugging it with the motor on and nothing changed. My mechanic took the same injector out and sent it to a rebuild place two years ago. Seems like it should have lasted longer than two years!

  • Lakewood90712
    " Rebuilding " never works on these GX injectors. The best price is still from Autozone for about $ 350. in the past, autozone had them for about $160. Beats $ 500 at the dealer.

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