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2003 bi-fuel cavalier $900 obo Charlotte NC

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  • 2003 bi-fuel cavalier $900 obo Charlotte NC

    2003 cng cavy 250k miles originally a PG&E fleet car that I purchased from CNG Utah so like all PG&E it has every option you could get, power window and locks, keyless entry, side impact air bags, white with brown interior. It was in a accident just after I bought it and I decided to go back with the cavalier sport bumper and added fog lights that come on with the drl's- headlamps. I also added a GM touch screen nav radio and changed out all the speakers.

    Now the bad-
    The HPL went out a few mouth ago and was blowing the fuse (I jumper it with a resistor so it runs and the check engine light stays out)
    BUT I have a spare (EXPIRED) tank I pulled from a 02 cav that only had 8hrs and 160 logged cng miles in the pcm that has a good HPL on it. I will also include the GM tool to slide the tank out of the trunk.
    The engine uses oil but is within gm standards for oil consumption, I add about 2 quarts half way between oil changes, it doesn't smoke out of the tail pipe.
    The dash is cracked where they all crack at.
    The odometer back lights are burned out but will include bulbs if you want to solder back in.
    all the window motors have been replaced except the drivers rear and its not working now, but im including a new motor.
    The paint on the sport bumper I put on is not sticking well and is coming off in spots.
    The drivers CV axle pops when accelerating and turning the wheel but has been doing it ever since I replaced it at 150k I just never got around to warranty it out for another one.

    I drove this car over 100 miles a day to and from work but It was all highway with only 1 stop light. The trans fluid was swapped over to dextron 6 shortly after I bought it at 130k. The cng filter was drained or changed on a regular basis.
    GM World Class, F1 Cert
    05 Crew cab 4X4 Silverado LS
    03 Cavalier
    01 Cavalier (sold)

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    Good to hear the car lasted that long for you. I keep thinking I will be out of the Cavalier game, but I still get requests for them. We actually sold a 2003 this week. -Derek