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2000 Camry - 230,000 tank expired $1000

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  • 2000 Camry - 230,000 tank expired $1000

    Been a great commuter car, but I am moving.

    Water pump recently replaced
    oil pump replaced - complete pump not just cover.
    These engines last a long time, but failure is usually caused by a worn out oil pump. By replacing the pump, that should greatly increase the life of this motor.

    New radiator.

    Car gets about 25MPG in the winter and usually around 27 in the summer. Range is around 210 on a tank on average.

    Pioneer Radio with BT

    There is an oil leak, which I believe is coming somewhere around the valve cover gasket that drip down onto the exhaust, so there is the occasional smell of burning oil, but its very slow, probably won't take much to fix, I am just out of time.

    Tank expired November 2017.

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    Why is the following helpful? Maybe to find out what is being paid for Camrys. Fifteen Camrys have been sold on eBay, PublicSurplus or GovDeals in the last 3 years. Note the one in Utah that needed the engine rebuild (first column is years left on tank at time of sale, date sold as YYMMDD):

    6 2008 170514 $2574 166K NJ 4T1BE46K87U577920 Camry dies when idling
    0 2001 180806 $ 546 100K CA JT2BN22K210001231 Camry LE parts only
    0 2001 170312 $4250 57K CA JT2BG22K310546400 Camry
    0 2001 160408 $1125 196K UT JT2BN22K310001271 Camry
    0 2000 180806 $1617 88K CA JT2BN22K2Y0001059 Camry LE
    0 2000 180423 $1040 163K CA JT2BN22K3Y0001023 Camry
    0 2000 171107 $4005 17K WA JT2BN22K6Y0001033 Camry LE 2.2L 16V
    0 2000 170224 $ 790 220K UT JT2BN22K7Y0001154 Camry needs engine rebuild
    0 2000 161205 $1200 180K FL 4T1BG22K2YU623697 Camry 2.2L

    Asking price - sale price unknown:
    0 2001 170806 $4900 44K CA JT2BN22K510001241 Camry
    0 2001 170731 $4700 153K CA JT2BN22K010001213 Camry
    0 2001 170503 $4999 82K FL 4T1BG22K61U833158 Camry LE
    15 2000 170624 $7999 160K CA _________________ Camry CNG backup cam
    0 2000 170202 $2700 141K CA _________________ Camry CNG 11.2gge tank plus Phill
    0 2000 160206 $4000 183K TN 4T1BG22K2YU012259 Camry