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2010 Honda Civic NGV GX For Sale - Great condition, HOV stickers, tons of upgrades

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  • 2010 Honda Civic NGV GX For Sale - Great condition, HOV stickers, tons of upgrades

    RARE FIND (must read) - 2010 Honda Civic NGV GX Natural Gas (better than the newer 2012 models). White Exterior Tan Interior. 1 original driver (suit/tie professional), garaged day/night, non-smoker, commuter car, low 75k miles. White HOV carpool lane stickers included. Additions included bluetooth, rearview camera, upgraded DVD sound system, tint, etc. AC Ice Cold, very clean interior, feels/looks new. New tires and all service/maintenance done, include any recalls fixed. Drives great with no issues. Had planned to keep the car for many more years but getting a new company car. Just got oil change,filter,balanced,etc

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    Why is the 2010 model better than the 2012 models? Price? Accident history? Tank expiration? Thank you.


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      The 2012's were received poorly by the press and customers. It had styling and design problems that required a quick refresh the following year. You can Google all of the problems but it became an embarrassment to Honda. One of the biggest problems (styling and cheap interior concerns aside) was the strength of the front uni-body structure. This was redesigned the following year to stiffen it up. If you can live with the reputation, and the car is priced right, I don't see a problem as long as you realize this model was a low point for Honda in the current Civic era.


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        Thanks for that information, very helpful. Perhaps the OP will weigh in regarding asking price, accident history, etc.