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  • complete cng system

    i have 2008 impala it is dedicated cng has 3 tanks i think total of 13.3 gge im want to just sell the whole cng system and swap all the gasoline stuff back im very mech. incline soo no problem swapping out but im wanting to know how much is my system worth or should i say what can i get for the system? it all works the car has 67k system been on since it had 2k miles i believe the tanks good for 2023 it was all inspected back in august 2016

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      Is this a conversion where you still have all the removed gasoline components ? If not, best to sell as a cng vehicle and buy a gasoline vehicle. You are already in one of the 2 best markets, the other being Utah. As far as the system components, not much value these days Sorry.


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        ya they removed all gasoline componets but i can get most if all conponets for close to $200


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          What tanks are on the vehicle? Likely two (SCI or Luxfer?) 10"x33" and one 18"x33" (SCI or Lincoln Composites?). These are the valuable items today. Post the manufacturer info, expiration dates on the labels, and photos. You will need to safely defuel them, which is the subject of another discussion...