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F150/250 Cylinders Expired or Expiring Soon?

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  • F150/250 Cylinders Expired or Expiring Soon?

    Are your F150/250 cylinders expired or expiring soon? We retro-fit the existing cylinder pack with (2) used 16" x49" Type 4 Lincoln Composite cylinders @ 9.2 GGE each for a total of 18.4 GGE, that expire in 2031. If you want to replace your mid-ship cylinder, we can swap that one for a new old stock Type 1 with 5.8 GGE that also expires in 2031.
    We rebuild the cylinder bracket mounting frame to fit the larger cylinders, so the original cover fits over the new cylinders. The only difference is the cover is about 1" higher. Please view the photos below. We will send you the rebuilt pack for easy installation (by someone knowledgeable in high pressure tubing and fittings) using all existing hoses and connections. For those of you upgrading from a 3,000 PSI system, we can also supply you with a 3,600 PSI filler receptacle. The cost of the cylinders are $400 each with brackets and the cost of rebuilding the bracket mounting frame and cover mounts is $300, for a total of $1,100.00. The new mid-ship cylinder with a new modified frame mounting bracket is $500.00. We also recommend a 1/4 turn valve and a check valve @ $60.00 each. We can possibly do the install if you aren't too far away. System certification will be included with our installation. Feel free to call for installation quote or any other questions. 520-869-4422
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