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What is the phone number for the DMV Special Processing Unit?

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  • What is the phone number for the DMV Special Processing Unit?


    I dont know if this has already been posted but I need the direct number to the California DMV Special Processing Unit. I a little worried about my decals as it has been a month and half now that I mailed in my form along with $8 bucks.

    I keep calling a number and they just put me on hold. I need the direct number to their office to find the status of my decals.


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    Re: What is the phone number for the DMV Special Processing Unit?

    The call center folks in Sacramento will give you the run-around and waste your time.

    A manager at my local DMV office tried, and spent over an hour and 6 calls. He finally got to the unit , and the employee who talked to him REFUSED to identify herself. This was on an internal DMV phone line !.

    Send a pm to Captjeff. he has a contact at a high level in the dmv , and has 'fixed' this exact problem for many CNGCHAT members .
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      Re: What is the phone number for the DMV Special Processing Unit?

      Special Processing Date/Sacramento/Customer Communications Section
      I have 2 numbers but can't tell you if one is better than the other.


      The biggest delay these days seems to be that the new GX owner is so excited to get their sticker that a vital piece of info is left off the form. One that results in a long delay and then the return of the form... months later.

      The lic plate # must be on the form. Do not submit the Reg 1000 to DMV without this bit of info. If you did, just wait for your check/form to come back or resubmit a new form/check and wait for the last $8 to find it's way back to you.
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