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  • Odd problem

    I have a 2006 Civic GX with 171k on it and have been very happy with it. But, if I need to move the car in the morning after the car is completely cool and shut the car off immediately after moving the car, the car will not start without flooring the accelerator and even then it takes a couple of minutes. If I could keep turning it over the car would start quicker but I don't want to cook the starter so I need to stop every 10 seconds, or so, of trying. It takes several minutes of trying before she misses but starts. Then it runs quickly better and better until it's normal again. As long as I let the car run for a couple of minutes before shutting it off I won't have a problem when I try to start the car later. I have no idea what sensor or switch needs repair. I'm selling this car to buy another, newer, model and want to repair this.
    Thanks for any advice!!!!

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    My 09 does the same thing and Honda couldn't fix it. Being old school it feels like the choke is stuck. In fact if you have a tach you will notice that when you have the problem you turned off at high idle +1000 rpm, once the rpm drops below 1000 it will start fine the next time.

    Took it to Honda twice and they could not fix it, now I take a lap before stopping for the night