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2009 Honda Civic low pressure filter housing.

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  • 2009 Honda Civic low pressure filter housing.

    Hello everyone I’m new here,I just bought a 2009 Honda Civic GX.
    the previous owner told me that the high pressure and the low pressure filters need it to be replaced. I took the car to the dealer find out that someone already try to replace the low pressure filter and in the process bent the housing now the dealer it’s charging me $1000 for the new housing and labor.
    Can anyone here tell me or point me the right direction to where I can get just the housing for the low pressure filter new or used thanks in advance.

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    A bent low pressure housing is quite costly, like $ 700 list price , plus filter , + plus an hour of labor or so. The housing can be found at discount from one of the online honda parts dealers like bernardi, for about $ 400.

    A member on this forum with a machine shop, Carl Jennings , / CNG Consulting used to make a solid aluminum filter housing with built in drain for a reasonable cost.

    Check this video , starting at about 13 minutes. It shows the typical damaged low pressure filter housing problem.

    Carl / CNG consulting is an independent business and not associated with CNGCHAT or Honda.
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      I have deployed a provisional patent upgrade Low-Pressure Filter B Bowl Housing for 2006 to 2015 Honda Civic GX CNG/NGV it's re-designed to catch contaminants that may be introduced when fueling and to easily service when needed with drain port for periodic inspection.


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        Being able to quickly and easily drain the low pressure filter housing at every engine oil change is a huge step forward. If the housing has little or no oil, no need to change the filter.. Clean , oil free fuel is the preferred diet of the Honda GX and key to very expensive CNG fuel injectors lasting the life of the car.


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          Thanks you
          i was able to find the housing on eBay for $265