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Where are the CNG apps?

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  • Where are the CNG apps?

    My iphone tells me the CNGNow app is now not available at the app store. And CNGPrices has a map that has a dark background that's hard to see, and says "for develpoment purposes only" all over it. Obviously no one is attending the map, it has stations that were removed years ago. I wonder why this app and website are declining, and what we can do about it. Is there a good app that lists current prices, that is regularly updated?

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    Derrick at CNGPRICES hung in for a long time after it no longer made money. Light duty CNG is a dynosour. I don't think we will see a resurgence in the foreseeable future . Honda hung in long after the big 3 bailed out. When the GX was discontinued, that was the death of light duty CNG vehicles.


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      The US Dept. of Energy has a good app for alternative fuels, it is constantly updated with data, and you can filter for CNG only. Click on the links here:


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        For iPhone:

        For Android:


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          Not much justification for private CNG stations to offer public fueling either. Both Republic Services and Waste Management have switched to CNG collection trucks in my area but are private access and only have time-fill. Then again, there are those who pay no attention to soccer in this country but it's never going away - just look at the rest of the world. A way of saying that natural gas is here to stay as a fuel and it may be the gas utilities that keep fueling available: