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Just purchased fleet CNG truck on auction

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  • Just purchased fleet CNG truck on auction

    I just purchased on auction a K2500HD fleet truck that was converted to CNG. The fleet did something to the truck so that it is CNG only - any ideas what they may have done to force CNG only? I bought the truck assuming that whatever the company did could be undone and the truck could be made to run bi-fuel. Whatever it was they did, I'm guessing they would keep it simple, like disabling the fuel pump. Any thoughts?

    I have not picked up the truck yet - it will be next week before I get my hands on it

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    Just a wild guess, you nay find it is not a conversion, but a factory GM dedicated cng truck. Buying auction vehicles sight unseen can be very interesting when you take possession. I speak from experience on this.


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      What is the model year?
      The older GM dedicated trucks were produced with no gasoline tank, fuel pump & etc.