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    Hi All,

    I've have a F-350 6.0 2006 CNG/Diesel truck. I have a regulator that is about 12 years old and was just wondering if there have been improvements in the CNG technology in the last 12 years. Recently, when I was looking for a manual for the current regulator on my truck I read on a forum that my regulator was used for 3-4 cylinder vehicles and what I am guessing that it does is when the truck is running it dumps a steady stream of CNG into the airflow after the air filter. I was hoping to find something more intuitive that actually adjust depending on the RPM's. Any suggestions?

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    there have been many improvements but most have to do with computer controls. I like the pocket reg out of Argentina but I think they are about gone as they have not been made in a few years impco makes some real cool good stuff it costs more than the china stuff but causes a lot less problems I would use a impco hp 3600 high pressure regulator and 0 pressure as a low pressure this will be a propane unit as natural gas engines with a draft system run 2-3 inchs and will free flow on a foger on a diesel jerry at nash fuel has a great deal of knowledge and stocks alot of parts 859 881 0509 ps be careful the 6.0 motor is a problem child broken head bolts and such dont put to much gas in it or you may break a bolt and blow a head gasket if it has egr get rid of it as it bulids heat and cng will too