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I just bought a 2011 Civic GX with 172k miles on it

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  • I just bought a 2011 Civic GX with 172k miles on it

    Hello everyone,

    As per the title, I bought a 2011 Civic GX. It has 172k miles on it, but they're mostly freeway miles and it's in great shape aside from the high mileage.
    I live in the San Francisco Bay area, so we have relatively plentiful CNG filling stations. I just got it inspected, and the tanks are in great shape.
    I paid $3,000 for the car, and put another $1,100 into it for new tires, inspections, and the like. Aside from the PITA 200 mile range, it's been a really nice car so far.
    Are their any other Civic GX owners out there with tips and tricks I should know?

    Thank you!

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    # 1 have your mechanic pull the sparkplugs, inspect and re install. These years have a tendency to have the last 2 threads seize in the heads. Removal and reinstall approx 24 mo / 24 K miles will prevent this. Examine the coilpacks for fine hairline cracks or arc marks. while the plugs are out. Replace any packs that fail visual inspection

    #2, If the low pressure fuel filter has not been replaced in the last 30k miles, have it replaced, and look at the old filter. , and if the housing has a lot of oil in it. Sometimes they are suitable to re install. This is a tricky job on the 2006 and later models. I am a fair shade tree mechanic, and that was one job I had the dealer do

    . # 3, do not extend oil change intervals even if the oil looks fairly clean . 5k miles max. on full synthetic.

    Just my 2 cents worth.


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      Congrats, that’s a good price for a 2011 in good shape. Someone just recently sold an 07 in Danville, CA with a broken starter, rear accident damage and similar miles for $2500 on EBay. If you’ve already had your tanks inspected then the application for a PG&E card should be easy. It helps especially if you’re going to do any travelling around northern California. 250 to 300 miles are possible on a tank if you take it easy on the freeway, otherwise expect around 200 miles. Trips to Tahoe, Los Angeles, Vegas, Oregon and even Washington are all possible with a little planning. You’ll have to drive conservatively to extend the tank range but the upside is no speeding tickets 🙂.

      Wiper blade inserts are cheap and available at the Honda dealer, don’t bother with after market. Use only the recommended NGK spark plugs which are especially made for this vehicle, available for around $40 a set. Outside of the two fuel filters it’s pretty much a Honda Civic so standard maintenance, change the fluids and filters and she’ll be dead reliable.