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Low pressure fuel filter

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  • Low pressure fuel filter

    Does anyone know any cng mechanics near the LA area in CA? I am in need of a low pressure filter replacement and I can not find anything online. Thanks 2001 Honda Civic Gx

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    The part online is about $140 When looking at online Honda dealers for 1998 - 2005 GX, select civic sedan, then drill down to find GX trim. 2006 and later parts catalog have the GX as civic NGV.

    Same size as an oil filter , much thicker shell. not hard to change unless the last time someone over torqued it. I used an oil filter wrench and long extension from under car. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE BUT UNLESS YOU CAN BE ABSOLUTELY SURE THE FUEL SYSTEM IS DE PRESSURIZED , LET A SHOP DO IT. This is the low pressure side, but with a flaky fuel regulator, it can see very high pressures. Any mechanic shop can change it. nothing magic about the dealer except parts being on the shelf and expensive. Check youtube , might find a video.

    Your car has a CVT trans. CVT fluid is cheap online. Some local dealers want about $ 15 a quart
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      There is a guy I used in the La Habra area. His name is Dan Mercica (909) 821-7611.