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  • CNG Filter?

    I recently purchased a 2011 F150 Bi-Fuel. There is a filter container on the frame rail under the passenger door just past the emergency shutoff. Does this filter need periodic service/cartridge change? I've put approximately 10,000 miles on the truck since I bought it.

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    Yes, this coalescing filter removes oil and liquids from the CNG fuel. It should be drained and the filter replaced at regular intervals - at least every 30,000 miles but more frequently if you fill at stations with old compressors. Check out the "CNG Vehicle Filters" and "CNG Vehicle Filters Servicing" instructional videos here, taking special care to ensure there is no pressure in the lines!


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      Thanks for the response! I have ordered a replacement cartridge online. I have no idea of the age of compressors at the stations I visit...


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        I replaced the filter. Old one actually looked to be in very good condition.

        FOLLOWUP QUESTION: Is the CNG Prices page not being updated/monitored by anyone? Prices are all more than 6 months old...