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    CNG Component Sale
    I have decided to close my operation because I am 80 years old and have these Compressed Natural Gas components remaining in inventory. All items are new in original packaging unless described as used. I will sell individual components or the entire list to interested parties. Payment will be by PayPal or certified bank check. The prices shown are my cost as listed in the inventory sheet I have used for federal income tax purposes. I will consider bids for individual components or the entire list. All components will be shipped (or arrangement for pick up at the location) and freight or UPS costs added
    Jim Shelden
    Call for information on any item listed
    Component unit price total price
    2 Explosion proof IR oil level switches 90.00 $ 180.00
    Barksdale 9692X 1CC-4 100-7500PSI switch 365.68 $ 365.68
    Barksdale DIX-A3SS-UL vacuum switch 407.26 $ 407.26
    lot Misc used high pressure fittings (includes 6 Whitney 1/4 turn valves and over 15 each 1/4 and 3/16 inch new fittings 200.00 $ 200.00
    5 gal (Synthetic CNG oil) PGS-100 257.70 $ 257.70
    1 each new 7.5 HP Baldor 1 phase motor 475.00 $ 475.00
    2 each NGVC2-P36 CNG quick connect 148.67 $ 297.34
    2 each NGVBCN2-P50 CNG breakaway 230.55 $ 461.10
    3 each 90PSI vented relief 22.33 $ 66.99
    3 each 400PSI vented relief 22.33 $ 66.99
    3 each 1200PSI vented relief 89.35 $ 268.05
    CNG FMS-362-6FO nipple 125.37 $ 125.37
    CNG check valve 82.56 $ 412.80
    Emergency stop switch 84.59 $ 169.18
    4 each CNG certified Hoses 25ft length 170.85 $ 683.40
    Used Three Phase NEMA 2 Control 410.00 $ 410.00
    5 HP Leeson commercial explosion proof motor 946.00 $ 946.00
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    No one wants new components??? Not even at 40% off cost
    JIm Shelden 316-992-0505


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      Lot of commercial components in your list that are on the fueling side. Most folks here are on the vehicle side or home fueling side. May be a few that deal in commercial fueling but I'm guessing they are in the minority.


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        Moderator note: Opening post has been edited to remove listing of items which do not meet code for use with natural gas fueling systems.
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          Was figuring someone looking for parts would find this thread (by posting to it, it - bumps - it back into the new posts as an added bonus, too)

          Anyway, the Vehicle Research Institute (VRI) at Western Washington University in Bellingham Washington worked to develop a airport bus fueling setup at the VanderHaak dairy operation in Lyden WA a decade ago. The sphere and dispenser were purchased by LinnBenton Community College in Oregon a few years back. And, and seems, a few of the fueling hose components are on eBay now: