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  • Compressor Oil Carryover webinar FREE

    on Jan. 24th. register here : http://campaign.r20.constantcontact....4-e0adee5721fe

    "There's an elephant in the room with CNG: oil carryover from CNG stations is a leading cause of costly natural gas vehicle component and engine failures. It is misunderstood in root cause, underestimated in cost and frequently undiagnosed."

    "Fleets experiencing undiagnosed oil carryover spend literally thousands of dollars replacing damaged or failed components, only to have to replace them again because the root problem is not solved."
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    First component to fail.......Fuel Injectors


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      I was very bullish on this when operating the Long Beach stations on controlling oil carry over. I have been shocked at how many station operators are lackadaisical on this subject.


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        Seems like it does not take much oil to take out a $170 fuel injector on the GX - usually the #1. Especially on the GXs that only have the single fuel filter (2 - 2000 GXs 104K/100k replaced many fuel injectors, 2008 GX 45k none yet). When I replaced the fuel filters there was not much in there. Never been able to get a GX fuel injector serviced where it works properly so I do not try anymore.. .