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2000 Ford F-150 Stalling Out. Please Help.

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  • 2000 Ford F-150 Stalling Out. Please Help.


    I just recently bought a 2000 Ford F-150 Cng Truck from auction with little knowledge on them, Silly me.
    The Truck ran great for about a month then I started to feel a shake within the vehicle when giving it some gas and thought maybe the cold weather was just stressing the tanks, and a week later as I started it and made my way down the street and headed up hill the truck just bogged out and I could start it but as soon as I gave it gas it would just shut the engine off as if it was either getting to much fuel or not enough. In the process of trying to trouble shoot the issue I may have burned out the cylinoid or starter which is just clicking and not turning over. Can anyone help me? its bin hell trying to find someone on the east coast with knowledge about this issue. Truck has only 56,000 miles on it so its damn near brand new.

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    Suspect # 1 High pressure regulator Suspect # 2 partially stuck internal tank solenoid valve. Will it start with starting fluid ? Rig up a pressure gauge to the fuel rail feeding the injectors. Should be well over 50 psi and not drop much when you try to accelerate..

    Check this thread. The 2010 in the thread is a 3 rd party cng system, but operates very similar to your 2000
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