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  • Cng stations

    What happened to “CNG Stations” It is no longer what it was ! , It shows no prices or other details it did in the past. How can we get back what we had.

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    The link used to direct here:

    But the owner of CNGprices seems to have disappeared and the site no longer works with Google's updated maps. So we now direct to the US Dept. of Energy website of alternative fuel stations. While it doesn't have prices it is very up to date. The other possible one we could link to is but I'm not sure how frequently it is updated.

    Open to suggestions!


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      Thank you but i sure miss CNGprices.


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        cngprices still shows each station along with comments and photos, but superimposed over shaded out google map. This, on an iMac desktop browser.

        Truth is, I never called stations prior to road trips, but did read station comments to guess the likelihood that a problem would be encountered. It is more thrilling than using a gasoline car and just swinging by to see if a station looked like it was being used - which I plan to do in El Paso to see if the Sun Metro or Flying J have anything in the works for public CNG.