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Beware of Mercury insurance, no coverage on OEM CNG upfits

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  • Beware of Mercury insurance, no coverage on OEM CNG upfits

    Out of curiosity I asked my agent if my Chevy 2015 OEM Bi-Fuel CNG truck was fully covered, he told me it was not because the CNG system wasn't installed "at the factory."

    Even though it was installed for Chevy by Impco prior to the arrival at the dealer before it was registered. I called the Mercury customer service line and spoke with under writing and they confirmed, if my vehicle is involved in a accident the cost of the CNG upfit would not be factored into the reimbursement CNG systems Ford/Chevy Impco/Westport doesn't matter if it wasn't done "at the factory" it's not covered. This doesn't just apply to CNG upfits, battery-electric conversions from company's like XL-Hybrids would also not be covered. BUYER BEWARE !

    Fyi, I called farmers and a few others, they told me that my vehicle would be covered as long as the system was a OEM authorized upfit, the CNG option would be treated as any other OEM option.

    Edit- the only way it would be covered is if you added and paid extra to have the OEM CNG option covered prior to any accident, I've been driving the truck for almost 5 years, glad I didn't get into a accident. In addition, this was never mentioned when I initially insured the vehicle and it's a pretty important detail considering some of these upfits can top 15,000 dollars.

    This is pretty egregious IMO, waiting for a response from , public relations VP Erik Thompson, I urge others who may have Mercury to contact them to make sure they clarify this with their customers, so the environmentally conscious folks like us don't get left hung out to dry because we weren't told a critical bit of information pertaining to our "full" coverage, that doesn't cover a option that could be 1/3 the cost of the vehicle itself.
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    I was insured by mercury on my Dodge van. It wound up being a non issue.