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Cavalier Tank Replacement: What Used Tanks Are Compatible?

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  • Cavalier Tank Replacement: What Used Tanks Are Compatible?

    I recently inherited a 2004 Chevy Cavalier for which the original tank is about to expire.
    I'm looking at buying a used 100L tank which comes with its own brackets. The main difference I noticed is that the tank I want to buy is ISO rated while the original in my Cavalier is DOT. Is that at all significant? Is there anything else I should be concerned about?
    Also, the ISO rated cylinder has a working pressure of 20 MPA (2900 psi) and a tested pressure of 30 MPA (4351 psi). Will it be safe to fill it to 3600 psi regularly?
    Thanks in advance!

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    Try giving Justin a call at Lancer Auto in your area at 3687 South 300 W Salt Lake City UT: 801-268-8863

    Working pressure would need to be at least 3600psi on the replacement tank.


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      The tank must have FMVSS-304 on the label or it is illegal to operate on US highways. And there are very few stations now that provide 3000 psi fills. Filling this cylinder to 3600 psi regularly will fatigue the walls and domes, potentially leading to catastrophic failure of the pressure vessel after some period of time.

      I would especially be concerned with the tested pressure of 4350 psi as this could mean the pressure at which the vessel bursts. Note that on hot ambient temperatures (i.e. Utah in July) a 3600 psi dispenser will temperature compensate the fill to as high as 4300 psi.

      Not worth the risk!

      Call Lancer as 300mile suggests and see about getting a real-deal DOT FMVSS approved cylinder for the car.