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question on cng

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  • question on cng

    2013 2500hd Silverado with CNG problem. My question is this can't get CNG at a lot of places the cost is great expense and it seem you can't work on it yourself. So should I fix it are forget about? right now it show fuel pressure sensor and the filter is due for a change the tank expire in 2020 what do you think.

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    If you have a factory 2013 Chevy Silverado bi-fuel like mine, the tank expiration would be in 2028, not 2020. Are you referring to the tank inspection date which needs to be done every 3 years?
    Sure there is maintenance just as a standard gasoline only vehicle requires. I would get it fixed. Are you saying CNG costs more than gasoline in Oklahoma? Hard to believe.
    Maybe look into getting a home vehicle refueling appliance, such as FuelMaker.
    '13 Chev Silverado 2500 Ext Cab Factory Bi-Fuel
    '08 Green Tea Metallic GX
    FMQ-2-36 Fueler


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      thank you for the correcting. what I'm asking is can a person work on the CNG like changing the filter is this legal or replace high pressure sensor thank you wayne


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        Legal or not, the question should be----are you comfortable and competent to work on the high pressure fuel system? Changing a filter or a pressure sensor is not a difficult task. However, you are working in areas of the system where there is high pressure gas. Even though there is a shut off valve in your system up by the fill point, there will be retained high pressure gas downstream of the valve that needs to bleed off. If the CNG system is operational, then shutting off the valve with the vehicle running on CNG will bleed off most of the pressure but there is still residual pressure trapped in the system. It's a different matter if the system is not operational. You need to have access to the service instructions for each task and be sure you understand them completely before you start work. In my opinion, you should have the work done for you if you aren't 100% positive that you can complete the job safely. It is not worth injury or death if you make a mistake.


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          thank you for replying back yes I do feel comfortable. I do understand what your saying just need so body opinion on this matter. thank you


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            I have a 2012 cng homda that wont start after i removed n cleaned throttle body n inspected injectors due to a rough idle... I can get it to run on starting fluid but wont stay running after that


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              if it ran when you took it apart you have done something wrong wire unplugged, fuse fuel turned off etc remember Kiss ( keep it simple stupid ) it will save you much money. it is a fuel problem if it runs on starting fluid bad stuff it washes the oil off of the cylinder walls and pistons