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Road Trip - Dallas to Phoenix

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  • Road Trip - Dallas to Phoenix

    I'm looking to drive from Dallas to Phoenix in my Honda GX. From the online sources for CNG stations, it looks like I MAY need assistance from AAA between Amarillo, TX to Albuquerque, NM. According to Google Maps -distance is approx 289 miles. Also, making it to Albuquerque, I'll have another leg to make and that is to Winslow, AZ. - 265 miles. Has ANYONE ever done this trip? Anything I should be aware of? I am NOT against sitting for optimal conditions and actually plan on "drafting" with someone bigger than me.... Any thoughts, suggestions, comments? My AAA membership is current and up to date.....

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    Truck stops - Loves, Flying J, TA - usually put a hold on $500 thinking a big rig is fueling. Be prepared to use multiple cards - credit, debit, fleet - and call either the listed # at the station or your bank if authorization is difficult. Problem is usually rectified remotely. The dispenser may also ask for a vehicle number or some such. Just put any two digit number in and go to the next screen. Oftentimes, will provide tips specific to each station.

    Trip using 2008 GX in 10-28-2015 post. 60mph on long stretches, 75-80mph where fueling more prevalent:

    Trip in a 2004 GX in 9-21-2016 post showing another data point for fuel used between Albuquerque and Winslow:

    Hypermiling tips:
    First consideration is that a 2006 and newer GX has better range than earlier models.
    Inflate tires to MAX sidewall rating. road heat may make them go higher (A city engineer offers this tip - he & I know this works.)
    I use bicycle foot pump to increase pressure above factory 36 psi because sometimes filling station air is not high enough and shops may only inflate to mfg specs.
    Don't carry extra weight.
    Avoid strong head wind and A/C use by traveling at night.
    Tank can be topped off with another half gallon of fuel by waiting a number of hours (overnight is best) to allow tank to cool from fast fill.
    Limit speed to 60mph and rpm on grades to 2500 (same speed as a big rig). On return trip, speed may be increased based on prior run.

    It is very pioneering to make these cross-country runs. After half dozen of these trips using Denver, Albuquerque or Tucson headed to Chicago, Tulsa or Austin, I was only stranded in Denver once because I misplaced my VISA card and, at the time, did not trust that all stations would take a debit card. Turns out, they usually did.

    To avoid worry, I jot down fill amounts, odometer readings and station info - like cards accepted. I even test using a debit card where I may have used a credit card going the other way - so I know what options work.

    Let Forum know how things work out.


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      Holy Smokes! - Perfect! I'm debating whether to tell my wife this or not. She was "thinking" of going with me, until I mentioned a possibility of a couple of "hic-ups".... This sounds pretty straight forward.

      I do have a question that MAYBE you can provide an answer to. On the websites, a phone number is given, but I'm pretty sure the number would be to a Corporate or regional office and NOT the number of the location itself. as most everyone knows, CNG drivers are at the mercy of the pumps and IF they are operational. My questions are as follows:

      Is it worth taking the time to call the number (Corporate/regional) to see if they have information on the pump being operational?
      Is it worth taking the time to call the STATION to see if they have ANY knowledge of the pump is working or not?

      In the end, I guess it really doesn't matter, since I can't go out of my way to go somewhere else - since there's no where to go. But I'd like to re-assure myself that they are functioning the day I need them. Since I do plan on hitting BOTH those locations in the same day - hopefully within hours of each other.

      Again, thanks for your response. VERY much appreciated. However, I may not tell the wife the "good news".... Sometimes driving alone is just what the doctor should prescribe....


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        These CNG stations are used quite a bit and would inconvenience trucking if they were non-operational. Besides, there are multiple stations in both ABQ and Amarillo. Top shelf equipment. The only quirk I keep my fingers crossed for is whether I will have a card validation problem.

        There is a dispatcher at the posted number listed when you get to the station who can get problems resolved, if any. Listed numbers for truck stops probably go to the convenience store and they may not know much about whether anyone has recently used the CNG dispensers. I have never called the station in advance, but I will check cngprices for recent comments or a non-operational status flag which may or may not be accurate.

        Watch your speed coming down the grade into Phoenix on I-17. State Patrol waits at the bottom.