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Cost of CNG upgrade to the CNG Cavaliers

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  • Cost of CNG upgrade to the CNG Cavaliers

    Hi Folks,
    My 2000 Chevy Cavalier BiFuel CNG was totaled in a rear end collision. The offenders insurance adjuster wants to give me only the value for the purely gasoline version. Said I would need documentation to prove added value. I have called Chevy Customer service and they show the car only with a gas engine, claiming I am talking about an aftermarket addition. I do recall some one here saying these where converted by a company in Florida. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can show/prove to them how much extra this car would have cost because it was CNG?

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    I ran into the same thing when my CNG Caravan was totaled. I was able to show AAA several comparisons but they didn't care.


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      I can't help you on a 2000 but on a 2002 I owned, the CNG system was a $5,935 Option called "Provision for natural gas" Cavalier Window Sticker.pdf This is a similar car as the major change to Cavaliers came in 2003. I think this is very close to the price charged over the years. Sorry I couldn't find anything on the older cars I owned.
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        See post #9 here for a 2000 Cavalier sticker scan (partial, unfortunately):

        Hope you can get additional value for the CNG system upgrade.
        And I hope the car's tank will be properly vented of CNG before it gets crushed!


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          You can try, but the so called blue book value of a bi fuel and standard gasoline cavi is about the same these days. Best Auto in Corona sometimes has these in inventory or you can call Shawn there to get records of bi fuel cavi's he has sold. that would be your best bet to have proof that they may be more valuable. He gets more for a bifuel than others do.

          Find one for sale and demand that price plus all the costs to buy it , including registration, tax etc. That is your damages . Tell them , in a letter by mail, , you need this to be made " Whole Again ". I am not an atty, but being made " Whole" is the legal concept, You have the right to your damages to replace your ride, not just book value, IMHO>

          if you are keeping the car, you need to get the additional cost to properly vent and dispose of the cylinder and the full costs to re register as a salvage vehicle if you intend to keep it.

          I recently helped a relative return an insurance declared salvage car to re-registration. In CA , what a time consuming and costly thing, and I am only referring to the paperwork, brake /lamp inspections, etc, not the bodywork. I would as for $ 800 just to cover time and expense of reviving a car with a now salvage title.

          Anytime you are being low balled by an insurance adjuster, and this is like 110 % of the time, just demand real world cost, including your time !. very easy to file small claims, and they have a real incentive to kick in a thousand or so to avoid having to send someone to court to defend the insured person who was at fault.
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