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Good deal for 2012 Honda Civic GX?

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  • Good deal for 2012 Honda Civic GX?

    Hi all,
    I am considering buying a 2012 Honda Civic GX with 36,500 miles and wanted to see if it was a good deal. The price is $8200 and will cost 700-800 to ship to California from Florida. There will also be roughly 8% taxes. It doesn't have carpool stickers yet so I will have to deal with that (if it's even worth it considering they might not even be valid beyond Jan. 1, 2019)
    Thank you for your input.

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    Just my opinion, but I would never buy a vehicle without personally inspecting unless I know the dealer or person . I have bought 2 vehicles and had them shipped without inspecting in person. Both had undisclosed problems ,the one on e-bay was just plain lies, fraud, but not worth pursuing ( e-bay was useless , and finally banned this dealer about a year after 5 more buyers complained ). Out of state, washed , and flood cars are common. Just too many unknowns. Keep looking locally or nearby within 600 miles so you can inspect and drive home.


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      Thank you Lakewood,
      I definitely have my reservations. The dealer has great reviews on and has sent me video of the car (not that he couldn't have just recorded video of someone else car) and a perfect carfax showing all maintenance too. He's willing to take the car to a local Honda dealership for an inspection (at my cost) and this might lower the risk. I am very concerned with the flooded cars though. Would a clean carfax eliminate these concerns?
      Thanks again and cheers from a nearby 91786,


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        Is this the car now offered for $7900 If it is, I would not touch it. Looks like it was traded in last year and bounced around several dealers and auctions all over the east coast for the last year. Might be just an orphan used car having trouble finding a good home, but I would not.


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          YES!!! That is the car. I am so thankful for the input and help in making the right decision. I'm going to wait. I really want a great deal but I cannot afford to make a mistake. Thank you.


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            Used sales from eBay,, and for last 6 mo (YYMMDD:

            2014 170826 $ 12K 49K NY 19XFB5F56EE000300 Civic GX
            2012 180114 $7100 66K IN 19XFB5F51CE002906 Civic GX
            2012 180112 $8990 77K CA 19XFB5F58CE003843 Civic GX
            2012 170825 $8500 43K VA 19XFB5F59CE000708 Civic GX
            2011 180102 $4500 103K TN 19XFA4F51BE000794 Civic GX
            2010 171117 $7200 45K NH 19XFA4F58AE000340 Civic GX
            2010 171114 $3833 70K MD 19XFA4F55AE000814 Civic GX
            2009 171210 $6200 123K CA 1HGFA46529L000421 Civic GX
            2009 171114 $3687 59K MD 1HGFA46529L000452 Civic GX
            2009 171114 $2909 72K MD 1HGFA46579L000110 Civic GX
            2009 170823 $6400 31K FL 1HGFA46509L000157 Civic GX
            2009 170821 $3937 117K OH 1HGFA46519L001172 Civic GX
            2008 180116 $3208 89K MA 1HGFA46538L000359 Civic GX
            2008 171220 $3650 87K NY 1HGFA46558L000654 Civic GX
            2008 171228 $3750 69K NY 1HGFA46548L000645 Civic GX
            2008 171117 $4487 49K CA 1HGFA46588L000079 Civic GX
            2008 170825 $2800 134K NY 1HGFA46598L000771 Civic GX
            2008 170721 $3700 114K NY 1HGFA46518L000635 Civic GX
            2007 171126 $2700 122K NY 1HGFA46537L000389 Civic GX
            2007 171207 $3161 166K CA 1HGFA46537L000876 Civic GX
            2007 171102 $2651 182K CA 1HGFA46557L000653 Civic GX
            2007 171023 $4000 54K NY 1HGFA46597L000364 Civic GX
            2007 170711 $3800 79K NY 1HGFA46587L000369 Civic GX
            2007 170708 $3299 121K NY 1HGFA46517L000391 Civic GX
            2006 171106 $4220 80K CA 1HGFA46506L000204 Civic GX
            2006 171102 $3971 76K CA 1HGFA46506L000185 Civic GX

            Serious bidders (public welcome-register at website) submit an initial bid (to practice that a bid will go through quickly) and then monitor the price in the last 10 min and slam in a price that scares away other competitors. Auction sites will sometimes extend bidding beyond posted ending time if bidding is still underway.

            These are, for the most part, vehicles purchased due to government mandates in the early 2000s and usually run fine. Either book a flight to pick up purchase, or get a ride with someone and drive both cars back (yes, have picked up a pickup in Albuquerque by driving from Portland OR with a teacher on summer break.) Invite suggestions from this forum if a long, cross-country road trip is needed. Many have driven these routes to prove that it can be done on CNG.


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              What I see on the carfax for this particular vehicle. Sat new in dealer inventory in New York for about 18 mo. Not unusual for the MY 12 as too many were produced. Sitting for long periods is not good for the engine, dry starts on the bearings.... Sold to a retail customer. Traded in after 3 years/ 36k miles. This is where it goes off the rails. Listed for sale 6/26/17 , sold 7/03/17, back in dealer inventory 7/05/17 listed for sale again after 2 days, Off to the wholesale auction 7/31/17 sold at auction. , Sold at auction again 11/27/17, Listed for retail sale in Delaware 12/01/17 , noted as sold 01/31/18, now listed for sale at a dealer in FL. Only about 150 miles on the car from the time it was traded in to the bumpy ride to the dealer in Fl. Could be dealers buying cheap at auction not knowing it was CNG , this does happen , or something is very wrong with the car. Who Knows.