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What's the biggest tank I can drop into 03 vic Trunk?

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  • What's the biggest tank I can drop into 03 vic Trunk?

    Sadly the 5 tanks of my extended range 03 crown vic police interceptor will expire 04/18. I love this ride and want to keep it. It only has about 100k miles on it and I have babied it. The car is in excellent condition. It's been all but impossible to find the same tanks as stock and swap out. Especially the two tanks under the car.

    I think removing the 5 tanks and replacing with a single tank that would give me about 15 gge would be most economical option. 21x45 tank might fit. What's the biggest size tank anyone has ever been able to put In the trunk? Can I put in a 21x45 tank in there? Is 19x45 more realistic or possible even? My dream would be the 21x45, but space will be real tight, if at all possible. Anybody do this? Can a pro or an owner chime in please?

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    Working on a replacement for two of my 03 Crown Vics, and an 04. Finishing off a bunch of F150 three cylinder upfits to 2030.
    I'll keep you in mind when I work out the details. Drop me a PM so I won't have to dig for your contact info.
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      Made some templates and they seem to fit. I'm going for the 21x45 type 4 iljin tank. Should be here next week. Most likely lose my spare tire though. Even crawled into the trunk and shut it to see if everything closed right.
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        OP- I've read about the lower fast fill capacity on one big tank vs several small tanks. Makes sense if you think a given amount of heat is input but allowed to dissipate over the larger surface of many smaller tanks like the stock configuration. Just something to think about for your proposed plan


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          Well project is done. Dropped in a 21x45 tank with 15.5 gge capacity. Considering 75-80% fill I should get about 12 gge at fill up, about same as extended set up capacity. Shed 300 lbs in weight in the process as this tank plus brackets weigh 200lbs vs the 500 lbs original set up. So should get better mpg. Best of all tank expires late 2033. Btw surprising how unhelpful this forum was. It's all but dead.
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            That is very impressive and a great modeling technique. I don't think the forum is dead and your effort will help a lot of us.. I have a very clean 2000 crown Vic that was updated to 3600 psi but my tanks are expiring this year.


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              So far getting comparable results to the original set up. Was able to get 12.5 gge fill in the new 21x45 type 4 tank. That's just a bit over what I could get in the original 5 tank extended set up. Gas mileage has improved about 1-2 mpg with the 300 lbs weight drop (Yes, I actually weighed the 5 tanks and brackets before disposal. 500 lbs total) No final word on range yet other than I've been too scared to go past 200 miles on the last 3 fill ups.
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