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2000 Ford Crown Vic fuel gage

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  • 2000 Ford Crown Vic fuel gage

    The last couple of days my fuel gauge starts at empty when I start it. Then it gradually moves back up to the correct level (full right now) It never did this before and it always stayed at the last level before I shut it down. I'm not sure where the pressure sensor is but It must be on the high pressure side before the regulator. Is it possible that the pressure is bleeding down on the low side?

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    we have a crown vic it as always done this just remember if it seems like you are going way farther than you think you should put gas in it you can also just put a t in the trunk with a pressure gauge just so you can be sure that you have gas it should have a isolation valve on the gauge after the t and before the gauge I saw one at a t boone station in atlanta that his gauge had died and he made a two inch hole in the fender and had a gauge he could see from the outside ugly but cheap a man after my own heart


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      It appears that the check valve in the fill valve had some dirt in it. I sprayed some WD40 into the fill receptacle and then refilled the tanks. So far there is no blead down. I never lost much CNG other than what was in the high pressure circuit.