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Tulsa Clean Cities, NAFTC Launch AFV Courses for First Responders

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  • Tulsa Clean Cities, NAFTC Launch AFV Courses for First Responders

    by NGT Staff, Dec 09, 2015
    On Tuesday, Tulsa Area Clean Cities (TACC), in partnership with the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC), launched three newly developed alternative fuel vehicle (AFV) first responder safety training classes at Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, Okla. Focused on targeted [Read More]

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    In the event of an incident involving the release of LNG - which will pool on the ground until it dissipates - instructions will refer to the use of a Purple K fire extinguisher. K is for Potassium. These 300 lb dry powder extinguishers work like the common hand-held variety except that the hose is longer and wheels are attached for moving it around.


    The important thing to note is that these extinguishers were around a long time ago and, in many cases, are being replaced with newer extinguishers. A better use would be to repurpose them to keep at LNG stations where they are just what the doctor ordered.

    LNG_fruita_CO_firePurpleK.jpg LNG_fruita_CO_c.jpg LNG_fruita_CO_k.jpg



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      Here is a link having courses for First Responder training for Alternative Fuel Vehicles: