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Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

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  • Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

    Czech automaker Skoda has announced they will be selling Skoda Citigo in Italy. Engine will be 3 cylinder 1.0 ltr (68 HP) with 5 speed manual transmission. Car is actually Bi-Fuel as it has 2 cng tanks of approx 72 liters total, PLUS a 10 liter normal petrol tank. Overall range on both fuels is approx 600 km.

    Prices start at 12,040 euros, which is $16,250 USD.


    Full article:
    Originally posted by NGVJournal 1.17.2013
    Natural Gas Skoda Citigo arrives in Italy. The Czech automaker announced its small city car is now available in a CNG-powered version for the Italian market: an option to reduce even more fuel consumption, carbon emissions and operation costs. This model is manufactured in three different variants: Active, Ambition and Elegance, and with both body types (three and five-door).
    The natural gas Škoda Citigo features a three-cylinder 1.0 engine offering 68 hp (50 kW), with a 5-speed manual transmission. The two CNG tanks have a capacity of 34.5 and 37.5 liters respectively, and the petrol tank has 10 liters, with a total range of 600 kilometers.

    With a length of 3.56 meters, width of 1.65 meters and height of 1.48 meters, this ‘City Clever’ car offers maximum utilization of space for four passengers, and “paves the way for the brand to enter a very promising segment,” said Winfried Vahland, Board Chairman of Škoda.

    The vehicle also features the ‘Green tec’ technology, which includes a start/stop system –the device for energy recovery-, a specific suspension system and the use of resistant tires for optimized rolling. Prices start from 12,040 euros.
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    Re: Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

    Yep, and then again, the world passes us by. Interestingly, very little on the CNG market has a US origination and we are far down the world list on CNG implementation. The one thing in common that drives the move to CNG is the price of gasoline. Forget the yakkety yack about the environment, its all about the price of fuel. If it were all driven by the environment, there would be a huge push, but the final question when discussing fleet implementation to CNG, is "How much does it cost?" "Oh, that much? Never mind."


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      Re: Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

      I absolutely agree with Franz. I've said this before and it is as true today as it was 10 years ago. The entry barrier (costs) are just too high for most folks so the only folks that do it are the techies and those folks that have special circumstances (location where fuel is really low and/or tax breaks). Looking at the price tag on this vehicle, if this were a car in the US half the price of the vehicle would be for the CNG equipment. I've put my costs on this forum before and with the costs of home fueling (equipment & maintenance + fuel) then the extra vehicle cost (including maintenance) I don't really save much money. Most folks could not be bothered.


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        Re: Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

        Entry barrier(s) . . . that's a BIG S in reality . . . are essentially artificial in USA as Italy is not loaded with public cng pumps on every corner, nor do they have whole host of home VRA options. Country of Italy is just open and ACTIVE in promoting CNG. Couldn't have been more evident when Canada and Honda let Fuelmaker corporation (arguably has best home VRA's in world) go bankrupt and was saved by BRC/Impco in Italy.

        Look at other small cng vehicles that are successful in Europe . . . VW EcoUp, Fiat 500 CNG, etc. These would be perfect commuter cars in Los Angeles, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, NYC, etc.

        Plenty of people are wasting money on "Smart cars" which still only get 40 mpg when they are tiny 2 seaters. That car is total ripoff.

        Economics alone are pushing expansion of CNG in OK, PA, OH, WI, etc for more public cng pumps when fleets and public are embracing CNG. Just need to swing the pendulum over to mass acceptance with economies of scale. Last year rental car company announced they were offering Civic GX (natural gas) as rental car at OKC airport - - - great idea now as greater OKC area has 14 public cng pumps!!


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          Re: Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

          Not sure whether you are saying I'm incorrect or agreeing with me KSneedsCNG. Those areas that are growing have unique economic circumstances. I said that and you said that. Do we not agree that a $10,000 - 15,000 price difference for a new CNG vehicle is keeping people away. We live in Kansas and Kansas is not helping us like other states. Every time I provide my numbers to other small business owners and give them my objective experience they tell me it is not worth the hassle for the little bit of savings over the long term. I started using CNG because I don't want my money going to oil rich countries run by nut jobs. By the way we also agree the Smart car is crap. One cannot change the fueling infrastructure without some real commitments. The US needs to decide whether we want to be energy independent or not. Economics have not made the case for 20 years. One should also realize that many of these foreign NGVs would have a lot of difficulty getting approved for import.


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            Re: Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

            $150 crude oil , $5 Gasoline , $6 Diesel , folks will embrace minicars of all kinds. Oh ya, forgot to mention, with our last 50 years of no real energy policy, economic depression worse than 2008 will follow, with that much more money flowing out of the US for imported oil.

            Sorry , my " ROME IS BURNING " rant STARTED TO slip out. I'l get off my soapbox now .

            Carry on with the discussion on the europe minicars.


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              Re: Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

              Skoda? Who'd a thought that one. When I lived in Europe, the running joke was how do you double the value of your Skoda? Answer: Fill it with Petrol. This little one looks to have come a long way in Quality. I agree with KSNeedsCGN, that SMART cars may be just the opposite, Mercedes made the B-Class variant as a Bi-Fuel with CNG & Petrol, but you could never buy it outside Germany. Fiat, Skoda, VW, Mercedes, dare I say BMW? Bring something of value to the USA that doesn't take our first 4 years of fuel savings to pay back as upfront cost. Competition can do that. H*nda and Fuelm*ker had that worked out where they got all of our savings and they got their cut off the top. Another soapbox collapsed!
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                Re: Skoda Citigo small CNG car (Bi-fuel) selling in Italy for 12,040 euros

                I'm not over-reaching the quality of Skoda vehicle as a whole . . . it's likely not all that great. But I'm fairly certain if you took the ACTUAL Skoda bi-fuel Citigo being sold in Italy, put it in crate and ship to USA and compare exhaust pipe emissions as compared to "Smart Car" the Skoda would likely do just fine due to strict emission standards also in place in Europe. Dollar wise, the street price of Smart Car in USA is likely within $1K or $2K of the $16,250 bi-fuel Skoda Citigo. I'd take the Skoda Citigo every-day-of-the-week over the POS Smart Car ; mainly because the Skoda Citigo would be great commuter car (especially where CNG available), and also be capable of travel outside of public cng pumps since the Skoda runs on normal petrol gasoline as well.

                Ironic looking back, USA wasn't so concerned with quality or emissions when Yugo was openly sold all across USA . . . what a piece of crap. Also, the early years of VW diesels were nearly as polluting as a big rig diesel.

                I just say it's time for USA consumers to have WORLD ACCESS to vehicles that will help USA off of short rope we're tied to imported oil - - - thus unnecessary restrictions should be removed that are keeping CNG vehicles from coming to USA!