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batteries for electrics

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  • batteries for electrics

    one of the things not talked about is the battery life and replacement costs.
    currently they are 6 yrs or less.
    the estimated replacement cost is ~$4,000.
    I have heard some hybrids have battery replacement in less than a year. These are more the transit hybrids that get daily usage.

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    Re: batteries for electrics

    Wow, I have not heard about any battery failures in less than a year, but maybe I don't get out enough. Yes EV batteries do fail, but it is generally due to operator error not the battery itself. EVs should definately be taken seriously. I worked on a renewable energy system in Santa Fe NM that not only powered the EV, but an entire music studio, and two residences,+ Planaterium complex. YES it was expensive, and yes his system output will eventually degrade over the course of 50 years, but this gentlemen completely powers his Electric S-10 with renewable energy, and can do so for the rest of his life. Most battery packs for EVs are covered under the factory warranty for a substantial period of time. But if it were me, I would definately purchase the extended warranty at the time of vehicle purchase. I personally feel that EVs should be in the Mix. I think before another penny is wasted for EV technology advancement, a more pressing study on human thought processes should be conducted to figure out why Americans cannot survive with a vehicle that more than meets there daily driving requirements. I think that is a more pressing concern than battery failures.


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      Re: batteries for electrics

      The Panasonic NiMH EV-95 batteries as used in the Rav4 EV have proven themselves to be very reliable and robust. Many have reached 100K miles and appear to be capable of something more than that, however 150K miles is a hard milestone to reach. I quess the question is what is considered the usable life of the vehicle? Is is worth replacing the battery in a vehicle of that age or not? Even the newest Rav4's are reaching their seventh birthday--and most on their original battery. It remains to be seen if the Lithium technology can have the life/cycle of the NiMH. We will find out because, ready or not, electrics are coming. I hope people use them in their intended roles and they don't get a black eye from the automotive press. It's always interesting to watch "top Gear" wail around the track in a Tesla praising the performance and then complaining about the rate at which they drained the battery pack . Of course, we all know we can't have NiMH technology thanks to Chevron's fear of challenging oil's dominance. In a perfect world (my perfect world ) EV's would rule the city streets and NGV's would rule the interstates. I have been driving in this mode for several years with local driving in the Rav4 EV and trips taken in my NGV. As our President says "It's time for change", I am happy with the extra change in my pocket by not stopping at a gas station unless I am out of soda!