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12V battery replacement

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  • 12V battery replacement

    I'm faced, again, with weird issues. Toward the end of last year I started having extremely weird EPS issues so the car has mostly been sitting but this has revealed to me that my 12V battery is not operating well and is only about 2 years old. Long story short it seems the EPS issues may be related to the 12V system which is a reoccurring theme for a lot of owners.

    I'm wondering what most people are using for their 12V system? Since our cars don't ever use their starters we don't have a need for CCA so traditional car batteries are pointless and deep cycle seems better suited and would theoretically solve future random 12V chaos..... Optima and Odyssey seem logical but you're paying for that CCA as well as deep cycle which gets pricey.... I've been looking at Kinetik batteries which seem to make the most sense but it's not necessarily plug and play....

    Just wanted to see if anyone has any input and experience with non-traditional wet-cell batteries in their CRZ.

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    Hi Trevor, welcome to CNGchat.
    I will move this over to our Other Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Electric forum as this one is for the Honda GX natural gas vehicle discussions. Please follow it there.