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    I found this link today and read a few of the sublinks. If true, this is a pretty clever way of making H2. It is a fuel cell using aluminum with a carbon catalyst and water. Claimed to be self sustaining when the unit is at its operating temperature. Produces 93 percent H2 and 7 percent water vapor.

    I think I have attached a photo of the instrument cluster of the Clarity showing 65mpg. One kilo of H2 is equivalent to one gallon of gasoline.

    Still high on natural gas though. Our newly converted Isuzu NPR is running great on CNG.
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    Re: new H2 device

    Pretty cool Scott, hope the inventor realizes his dreams (we all do, right?)
    What is the price at the pump per kilo now in Southern California for 5000 psi hydrogen?


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      Re: new H2 device

      All the pumps i have been using are set at $5.00 per Kg.