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warning air brake trucks

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  • warning air brake trucks

    I had a customer today that brought me a 2006 pete with a 60 detroit running duel fuel with a gas smell it was very strong and it was all around the truck and stronger when you stoped I found that the air brake compressor was plumbed in to the air intake manifold on the pressure side after the intercooler to give it a boost of air . this is normal on big diesel motors. so what was happening here was that when the gas was sucked into the turbo it was pushed in to the compressor and sent to the air storage tanks where than it went to the brakes and was released when the brakes were released so I pluged the intake and put a old style air filter on the compressor.these filters can be found on many 90s back gasoline trucks with air brakes.this is not good to have gas and air mixed under pressure