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8/10/2012 Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know

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  • 8/10/2012 Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know

    Why use natural gas?

    At first, interest in natural gas was driven by cleaner emissions, especially in areas such as the Los Angeles-area ports where air quality was a big problem. Local regulations and incentives drove many port drayage fleets to trade in older, higher-polluting trucks for natural gas.

    As the U.S. has experienced a natural-gas boom, focus has turned to reducing dependence on foreign oil. Energy magnate T. Boone Pickens has used this as his primary rallying cry in promoting his "Pickens Plan" to "stop America's addition to OPEC oil."

    Some fleets see natural gas as part of a larger commitment to sustainability, to "being green." This is especially true for many private fleets.

    Those are all good reasons to use natural-gas fuels. Yet today, the biggest reason fleets are buying natural-gas trucks is simply the price at the pump...
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    Re: 8/10/2012 Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know

    you are right the main thing most people look at how much can I save and realy dont give a dang about clean air or 1.2 billion a day to people that dont like us to buy guns to shoot at us with


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      Re: 8/10/2012 Natural Gas: What Fleets Need to Know

      Yep. money talks. Its all "whats in it for me" for the other 99%.