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GX fuel block - fuel stem operation for isolating filler receptacle

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  • GX fuel block - fuel stem operation for isolating filler receptacle

    I was attempting to shut off the fuel to the fill line on a 2002 Civic GX so we could add a tee for a second tank. The 2001-03 Service Manual GX Supplement on page 11-108 states that the fuel stem assembly on the fuel block should be turned 1/2-1 turn counter-clockwise to shut off the gas. I tried 1/2, 1 and 1.25 turns CCW and it did not shut off the fuel to the fill line between the block and the filler receptacle. Gas still flowed when I cracked open the nut on the back of the filler. Set the stem back to original position then went 1/2 & 1 turn CW and nothing changed.

    It seems like the check valve in the solenoid valve is not working since it should stop the back flow out of the tank. We took off the high pressure filter body and cycled the manual valve to try to vent the line and seat the check valve but it did not work. My other GX does not back flow like this one and the tank installation was easy.

    Does anyone understand how the fuel stem (item H in the Honda exploded view in the fuel block replacement section pg 11-118) operates? It never hit a stop and I do not want to deviate from the normal proceedures with the tank half full. And the CNG mechanic at the local Honda dealer is out until Monday.

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