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Civic GX won't start; $7000 repair

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    Our 2010 civic GX seems to have a failed solenoid valve similar to the subject of this thread. The dealer and American Honda have denied warranty coverage under the AT PZEV designation of the vehicle. I even showed them the last page of the manual that states: "Miscellaneous Parts that are used in conjunction with the items in this list" (Fuel Tank) "are covered. Some examples are ... solenoids."

    Has anyone else had any luck getting Honda to honor the 15yr 150k mile warranty? My next stop will be the California Air Resources Board.

    I have owned each of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen Honda GX's. This has been the most disappointing event throughout the otherwise enjoyable experience of owning these cars. I guess that since Honda left the CNG market, they will not even support the cars that are still on the road.