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2013 GX - Spark plugs under warranty?

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  • 2013 GX - Spark plugs under warranty?

    I went into the dealer for engine lights, and they recommended valve adjustment. They quoted a crazy price, I took it to my CNG mechanic and he agreed with valve adjustment - car runs fine now. While I was originally at the dealer, they said they would replace the spark plugs under warranty but refused to do so unless I did the valve adjustment there as well. My CNG mechanic agreed the spark plugs are showing wear.

    I'm looking through my booklets and can't pick out where it says the Spark Plugs are under warranty as part of the emissions system (10 years/150k miles I believe). I'd like to take it to another Honda dealer and get the spark plugs replaced for free if possible. Has anyone had any luck with that?
    '13 Civic GX
    Orange County, CA

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    If it is not throwing codes now, no way they will change the plugs for free.

    The plugs are over $ 25 each at the dealer, can be found for about half if you look around.


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      i bought my plugs on amazon for something like $11 each exact same plug as OEM


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        A set of four OEM NGK 95705 spark plugs for $45 delivered to your door......

        Part Number: 95705. Interchange Part Number : 95705, SILKR8B8DS, NGK95705. Part Numbers: 95705, NGK95705, SILKR8B8DS. Most Laser Iridium spark plugs feature a platinum pad on the ground electrode for even wear in DIS ignition systems.