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sad day retiring one of my 2012 civic natural gas

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  • sad day retiring one of my 2012 civic natural gas

    well one of my 2012 civics is not eligible for the new carpool stickers but my other one is so we have been looking for a replacement i settled on a 2019 Honda Clarity PHEV the deal was too good to pass up sticker price was $34,320 talked them down to $25,998 and i still get my rebates/ tax credits ill get up to $6500 from federal $1500 from state and $1000 from Southern California Edison so that puts me at paying $19500 after tax title and license for a $34000 car you can not beat that... my other 2012 i will hold on to until the carpool stickers expire for it by then the car will have at lease 250K miles on it and would be due for a replacement anyway i gave the girlfriend the clarity and i am keeping my favorite car the CNG ... i really wish honda would still make them ... but i guess people would rather have electric

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    The 2012 that is no longer eligible for (solo driver) carpool lane access can bring $5000-$6000 these days. Following list (first column = # years before tank expires on date sold) is compiled in the last year from, and (dates as YYMMDD):

    8 2012 190219 $4600 115K CA 19XFB5F51CE000203 Civic GX
    9 2012 181031 $5655 21K IL 19XFB5F56CE002318 Civic GX needs brake job, RR tire, rear shocks
    9 2012 181028 $5101 92K IL 19XFB5F52CE000761 Civic GX
    9 2012 180925 $5780 54K MD 19XFB5F57CE000237 Civic GX
    9 2012 180814 $6800 25K IL 19XFB5F54CE002401 Civic GX needs brake job; radiator leaks
    9 2012 180801 $9800 36K CA 19XFB5F52CE000744 Civic GX
    9 2012 180425 $2811 72K MD 19XFB5F52CE002042 Civic GX

    7 2010 181201 $3695 80K MA 19XFA4F55AE000361 Civic GX no reserve
    0 2010 181010 $2945 64K OR 1HGEN26595L000303 Civic GX

    5 2009 190115 $4850 24K IL 19XFA46539E000015 Civic GX
    6 2009 181016 $4050 19K IL 1HGFA46509L001129 Civic GX may start with a jump
    6 2009 180522 $4428 49K AL 1HGFA46599L000920 Civic GX
    6 2009 180419 $1732 34K MD 1HGFA465X9L000473 Civic GX front end collision but still runs

    5 2008 190102 $3600 68K NY 1HGFA46558L000640 Civic GX
    5 2008 180528 $4300 22K NC 1HGFA46528L000286 Civic GX

    4 2007 181001 $4072 35K PA 1HGFA46547L001003 Civic GX
    4 2007 180724 $3550 130K CA 1HGFA46537L000117 Civic GX
    4 2007 180724 $3767 130K CA 1HGFA46547L000093 Civic GX
    4 2007 180420 $7360 9K CA 1HGFA46557L000751 Civic GX