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Failed Tank inspection for worn fuel receptacle? Honda Part # 17667s1ga01

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  • Failed Tank inspection for worn fuel receptacle? Honda Part # 17667s1ga01

    I went to the dealership today for my 36 month inspection ($310 for 2.0 hours labor) and they failed me for "Worn fuel receptacle, recommend replacement". I asked what that meant and if they could show me the spec so I could get a micrometer and measure for myself & they said their only CNG tech, who had done the inspection, had just gone home.

    They quoted replacement at $1056. The receptacle was previously replaced, less than 5 years ago by the previous owner & according to my math the car has been refueled about 550 times since then. Is it remotely possible that each time you fuel a CNG vehicle you cause ~$2 worth of wear and tear on the receptacle?

    There is no way I'll ever pay them $1056 to replace a simple filler valve. I've found the part (17667s1ga01) at several sources for a much more reasonable amount of money, and it appears to be manufactured by Parker, does anybody know if I can buy straight from Parker and skip giving any more of my money to Honda? Does anybody have a service manual or know the procedure for installing a new receptacle? Do I need to drain the tank, or is there a checkvalve somewhere upstream that keeps the tank from emptying when you remove the receptacle?

    Any advice from anybody who has done this before would be appreciated!

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    Try this post. All I did was use search tool at top of home page and search for - receptacle -


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      I see you are in Santa Cruz, so you probably need the tank inspection docs for your PG&E card? Did they pass the tank? As for the fill receptacle I suggest you call this shop and they can help you with the part and explain and how to do it:


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        300mileclub- Thanks for the link! I spent about 30 minutes with the search function before posting this thread and didn't come across that thread. Some good basic info there.

        John Mitton- Yes, I'm in beautiful, overpriced Santa Cruz & getting the PG&E inspection as three years is almost up. The tank and all of the other components passed, they just "recommend replacing the receptacle" and failed me. Does anybody know what they measure or how they determine if the receptacle passes or fails? They wouldn't tell me why it failed or what constitutes passing, just that they could fix it for $300 in labor and $850 in parts
        I work in a prototype lab and have access to a full machine shop. If it's mushroomed out I can turn it down to whatever the spec is in no time.

        Thanks again for hosting this forum! It is super informative & it's great to see a community that's so into their alt-fuel cars!


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          I have one for sale off a car that had less than 40k miles on it. See the part on eBay


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            cowboy thinks it is called a TANK inspection for a reason. I see no problem until it no longer fits the fueling nozzle . it is not not a tank it wont blow up it has less than 1 cubic inch of gas in it. it also has a check valve in line to the tank so if it did leak the second check valve would check it. me sees a rip off. I go on ebay and buy the nozzles for under 100 dollars and 300 dollars to screw it on LOL!!!!! can you say intercourse because that is what they are trying to do to you. shops like this are part of the problem with trying to promote cng . I dont know the lock down for a honda tank if it is a Lincoln it probably has a Alan bolt in the valve to shut the valve manually than start the car and run the system out. this is just a rough idea DO NOT TRY THIS WITH OUT GETTING THE SERVICE INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE HONDA!!!! come on someone on here has done a honda tell the man how to do it I dont fool much with little cars most of m y stuff is class 8 trucks. good luck . ok Im back just looked at a photo it is nothing but a o ring face fitting very ez if need be a small amount of Vaseline will hold the o ring i n place as you line it up. it is a much better use for the Vaseline than the shop had planed for you. i am also known for unplugging the solenoid on the tank valve and then starting the car to run it out of gas to test that the system is not pressurized I take a small punch and put it in the filler and tap it with a small hammer if it is hard to open it it still has high pressure DONT TAKE IT A PART if you just get a little spist then get to work and remember guys dont take you car to this shop for service unless you like being intercoursed disclaimer I dont know anything about them but in my opinion anyone who would try to screw a customer like this should be out of business and prosecuted PS tapping the core of the valve when you have a piece of dirt or ice making it leak after fueling will clear it most of the time
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