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What has the expiration of carpool access stickers done to the value of civic gx's

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  • What has the expiration of carpool access stickers done to the value of civic gx's

    I am seeing a glut of gx's on craigslist with many listings being several weeks old. I presume for the average driver the elimination of the carpool privilege kills the primary incentive to choose this particular car.
    I have always driven a truck as I need it for work but at least half the time could get by driving a car. I find myself considering a Civic GX now as I see them so cheap. I have always admired Honda dependability, I would appreciate the comfort and manueuverability of a non truck, and I predict tires and maintenance will be cheaper for a small car.

    The cheapest I have seen is a 2012 for $3900

    If any of you are good at crunching numbers or have calculated the pros/cons of owning a second vehicle I would love to hear your input.

    I am also curious if anyone knows the real world trade in value of a 2012 or similar civic gx. I assume this is what is going to set the value of these cars as they will be tough to sell at this point. Auction prices may also reflect the extent they have dropped in value if anyone follows them.

    $3900 seemed really cheap for a 2012 but given that it is still for sale, what price should a bargain hunter be planning to pay for one?

    Any thoughts on the best range of years for minimizing maintenance?

    I should post in another section of the forum to see if the carpool lane expiration is going to create a glut of cng only F series pick up trucks that no one wants to buy and drive their price down.

    At a certain price point will out of state buyers (Utah, Oklahoma. ???) start buying them?


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    Keep in mind that the older Civics - all have tank with 15 year expiration dates - will need a new tank which runs about $4000. As for the manual transmission (not CVT) models, see actual used sold prices here:


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      I'm familiar with tank expiration. The 2012 for $3900 I mentioned has plenty of tank life left.
      I am assuming your reference to "manual transmission" is a typo. I read that the 06 -13 model years all had a five speed automatic transmission.

      I was curious if there are any known problems in those model years. I see occasional issues with injectors and filters mentioned on this forum. Are there any known issues specific to the civic gx I should be aware of on a car with 100k plus miles?

      After doing some reading, I find a lot of disappointment voiced regarding the 9th generation civics by diehard lifelong (gasoline) civic owners. I realize the GX crowd likes the car for entirely different reasons but it sounds like the suspension, interior and driving experience are lackluster.