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Rear shock and spark plug replacement 2012 Civic

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  • Rear shock and spark plug replacement 2012 Civic

    The rear shocks on my 2012 Civic CNG need replacement.
    Does anyone have a part number and/or specific vendor for replacements?
    Any comments on the complexity of this job? Can I do it in my driveway?

    The service light on my dash says A124 and that 4 includes spark plugs right?. Any thoughts on this as a DIY?
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    Spark plugs are a 1/2 hour job if not seized in the head. Use only the oem spec plugs. They are nickel plated for corrosion resistance. available in both NGK and Denso. Some dealers are charging almost $30 each, way over list price.. Can be found on the internet for about half. Bernardi honda, honda parts cheap. Use a torque wrench when you put in the new ones, and inspect the coilpacks for cracks when they are out. The plugs are usually first due at about 105,000 miles.

    Rear shocks


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      Thanks for the tips. for the shocks is access to the top of the shock any different with the CNG tank in the trunk?