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GX TRADE - My 32k for your..?

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  • GX TRADE - My 32k for your..?


    This is an unusual request, but here goes...

    I have an awesome 2000 Honda Civic GX. It only has 32k miles. I've put 17k of those on over 2 years, daily driving from Oakland to SF over the Bay Bridge.

    Because of the new California laws, my car won't have HOV access after January 2019, because I was an early adopter. Here is what I am proposing:

    If you have a GX and are in Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona (somewhere close to me) I will come to you and trade you straight across, or can offer cash to sweeten the deal.

    If I can get your non-California car, I can get back in the HOV lane. And you can have a lower miles car for your trouble, and maybe cash if it's warranted (depending upon the condition of your GX)

    Please let me know your thoughts on this. Thanks everyone!

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    Do you have an asking price for an outright sale


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      replacement of the 15 year tank in your GX, unless done already, runs about $4000. A-1 Electric in Fresno CA have done this for Civic owners in about a week.


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        Sounds like a sweet idea and I may follow suit..... 2012 9Gen Civic with about 75K miles (bought it exactly two years ago with 40K so yes it's moving quite a bit


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          Let's stay on topic everybody! TRADE Straight across for a GX w 32,000 Miles. She is brand new and treated like a baby. MY BABY! I would not trade her if I didn't have to. Cheers all