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Mileage/ Fuel Range Questions......again ??

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  • Mileage/ Fuel Range Questions......again ??

    Hi, guys and gals.......
    Sorry if I'm asking redundant questions here, but's the deal.
    I'm new to the forum, and new to the CNG world. I'm an Auto-Mechanic by trade, I've worked on a couple of CNG Civics over the years, and have always been fascinated by them, but never owned one. I just bought a 2002 Civic on E-bay .....i didn't think this out very well. My plan/hope is that I can fly to LAX and drive this thing home. My question is of course about mileage.......or more specifically range. How far will this thing realistically go on a tank of fuel ?? What are the tricks to get as much fuel in it as possible ?? I sure wish i could stick a couple gallons extra in a can in the trunk like you can with gasoline...... All else fails I can drive out with a trailer and give it a ride home, but I'd rather not . Any advice would be appreciated .

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    IF you get a GOOD 3600 psi fast fill , and you will if you fill at the LAX CE station, 150 - 170 miles miles city, over 200 freeway if you keep the speed down to 60. Get AAA Plus with extended towing coverage if you are streatching the limit on a trip segment.

    Where are you driving it to ? There are a lot of trip reports on the forum and CNGChat member Bill ( 300 mile club ) has traveled all over the west coast and mountain statesOR, CA AZ NEV Utah CO , in cng civic's.
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      Have you checked shipping rates ? it will prob be less than a plane ticket and the value of your time too.


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        Okay.....I would be driving from Anaheim California to Tulsa Oklahoma. If I go I-40, once i get to Amarillo i have tons of stations in Oklahoma..... getting across Arizona and New Mexico is the problem. I checked into the AAA thing and that could help out a lot. I actually can drive 55....not like Sammy Hagar......I have airline points enough that the flight to LA would not be a big deal.....I'm checking into shipping rates......I'm always up for something of an adventure, but I don't want to just be downright stupid about it either.


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          Check this forum .

          and this thread OKC to Las Vegas dated 2017 .

          and this round trip lLos Angeles to chicage with stop in Tulsa on the return .

          trip on I 40

          My 01 with the cvt would get over 40 mpg at 55 on a flat road. but consider 5.5 as a usable capacity assuming no significant tank contamination with compressor station oil ( sometimes encountered on vehicles with a lot of miles).

          Suggest send a private message to 300mileclub for assistance with trip planning / station locations.
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            The 2001 thru 2004 Civics were rife with CVT problems (good thing you are a mechanic)

            ​​​​​​​As for ensuring you get a complete fill each time, see post #4 here: