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  • Impressive Fuel Economy

    Hello all!
    When I bought my GX a few weeks ago, I was expecting to save money on the $ / gallon but not as much with the economy. I've filled up five or six times and have averaged a bit over 40mpg on my mostly freeway commute with a little traffic. Really impressed with the economy and am loving the price ($2.18 last time). My current work assignment has me driving an additional 150-200 miles per week so 54 cents back at 6 cents per mile actual cost will help cover the low cost of the car. Speaking of the low cost, my 2011 one owner, extra clean GX with 100K miles, was $6,200. That is cheaper than the cost of the CNG option when it was new....

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    My best ever was 43mpg all hwy. I was babying it the whole time and to get there I needed to be hyper focused on my technique.
    i usually average about 38-40 on a 09 civic fueling at the same location, time of day.
    Good luck out there!
    Silver 09 GX
    Phill G:1.5


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      Welcome to CNGchat, Andrey.
      Some great deals are out there on the natural gas (GX) Civics. The 2012 and newer ones have even better fuel economy and range. Enjoy!


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        Hi John, I am currently looking for a Honda GX for sale. Any suggestions where to find a good deal? Thanks


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          I see you are in Utah. Give Derek a call at Clean Fuels - he is a straight shooter:

          There are often GX's on KSL classifieds too.