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Adding Second Tank to GX

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  • Adding Second Tank to GX

    I have a 2002 GX and I'd like to add a second tank in order to be able to drive all week to work and back without having to fill up mid-week. I picked up a tank from a 2006 in a salvage yard. How do I connect this to my existing system? I saw the post from someone who said it connects to the tank valve and had uploaded a PDF file with a picture of the plumbing but I can't download the file (I get an error from the website). Can anyone post a picture of the plumbing of their second tank?

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    Why not have the shop that replaced your existing expired tank plumb it in for you . . those GX tanks expire after 15 years.


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      Caution with the salvage tank! Get a good visual inspection done on it before you slam it with 3600 psi pressure. I recommend you do a lookup on Certified Tank Inspectors from the link at the top of any page here and call a few NGV experts. They might be able to help with the second tank install too.